Kevin Geer is a lawyer with The Law Office of Kevin Geer, a Detroit, MI firm that specializes in personal injury and auto accident law. With over 96% of all lawsuits won or settled, Geer has established a trustworthy track record of fighting for his clients' rights.

Help Your Case at the Scene of a Car Accident

When one has been in a car accident, emotions often run high, which can cloud judgement at a time when one needs to think straight. In this article, Geer helps explain what to do to help your case while at the scene of an accident.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Recover Benefits in a Michigan Personal Injury Case

Michigan has a number of laws that make it unique in regard to personal injury lawsuits. In this article, Geer explains how a lawyer can help people navigate this unique legal landscape.

A Guide to No Fault Insurance in Michigan

No Fault insurance in Michigan goes a long way toward helping those injured in a car accident, but one must understand how it works in order to use it fully. Here, Geer gives a look at No Fault insurance in Michigan.